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Connect emails to Twitter accounts so you know if someone famous is on your waitlist

Use our tool to stay on top of your waitlist and target high value customers so you can hit critical mass sooner.

Amplify the power of your waitlist

Track, DM, or Email accounts directly from the dashboard

How does it work


Easily upload your waitlist in batches from a csv or continuously with our API, and let us start connecting your list with Twitter accounts. If someone with more than a certain number of followers signs up, we'll let you know.

Mailchimp and Airtable integrations coming soon

Inform me when these integrations are live:

Target Effectively

With TweetHub enrich you have all the tools you need to target those high-effect customers

Whenever an influencial person signs up you can immediately build rapport and give a good first impression by following up through Twitter.

High hit rate

Our state of the art algorithm has a hit rate of over 50%

Many people dont have Twitter accounts, but if they have one, our algorithm has a good chance of finding it

Maximize value of your email lists



Try TweetHub Enrich at no cost. Best for small startups trying to grow a Twitter presence

50 Searches/mo

1 Email list

Standard search speed

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Best if you already launched and need to target customers ASAP

2,000 Searches/mo

3 Email lists

Standard search speed

Cross check enabled

Priority support

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Best if you work on many projects and need to grow their Twitter accounts

10,000+ Searches/mo

10 Email lists

Premium search speed

Cross check enabled

Priority support

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